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War & Peace
The Boys of War
We must teach our boys to read about the realities of war.

In eight short years, a boy that is now twelve will be old enough to die in battle. Our children deserve our best effort in teaching American War History. We start this section with a poem.

(A Poem by Roger Heard, Vietnam Veteran)


As boys, they sent us off to fight,
we did as we were told.
On our return, as men, we found,
a nation bleak and cold.
As boys, we went so full of pride,
we’d be heroes on our return.

As men, we left our childhood there,
and quickly had to learn.
No heros we, the boys of war
that fought and died as men.
For honor and a heroes' welcome,
your battles you must win.

It wasn't enough to suffer and bleed,
For a country so full of pride.
It had no use for a losing cause,
So they cast us all aside.
There was no honor in saying, I served,
If I couldn't say I had won.

Copyright 2002 - Roger Heard
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